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So, you’ve finally reached the point where you can take that long-awaited vacation and are all psyched to get in the RV to enjoy your well-planned schedule of activities. Well, don’t head off just yet. You may have found a perfect location, but your bags still need prepping.

Whether it’s your first trip or your hundredth, you can never be too prepared for camping. We don’t want to return home from a 30-mile ride just to get that cooking pot that you forgot now do we? If you’d rather spend time enjoying the journey, keep everything smooth and easy by following this list of essential gear you need to bring.

Kitchen Necessities

Items for food preparation are by far the most important items you need to stock in your RV before you start the engine. No one wants to go hungry on an adventure-filled vacation. A happy camper is a full camper.

Cookware (anything needed to prepare the food) including: sets of cooking pots & pans, grill, knives, tongs, spatula, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, colander, cutting board, ladle, whisk, tea kettle, toaster, coffee maker, blender, knife sharpener, bread knife, scissors, matches, and cooking oil.

Eating utensils such as silverware, bowls, plates, mugs, cups, serving spoon, and wine glasses. Condiments such as salt, pepper, and sugar too. Food Storage that locks securely away from animals, including zip lock bags, Tupperware, and aluminum foil. Cleaning materials like towels, sponge, napkins, dish soap, trash bags, dustpan, and a broom.

Bed and Bath Supplies

After all the outdoor escapades, everybody is always looking forward to bathing and sleeping. Set everything up for bed and bath with the following items. Bed sheets, sleeping bags, pillows with extra pillowcases, blankets, and eye masks. Toiletries including your soaps, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, lotion (all kinds), toilet paper (lots of it), facial tissue, wet wipes, nail clippers, and feminine napkins if needed.

Haircare supplies like a blow dryer, combs, brushes, scrunchies, and other hair ties. A first aid kit and if needed, necessary meds, anti-allergies, cough and cold meds, flu meds, and definitely insect repellent.

Leisure and Recreation Supplies

The whole point of camping is having fun and spending your leisure time on leisure! Here are basics you need to get the most of your camping getaway. Lighting such as flashlights with extra batteries, lanterns, headlamps, and matches. Other gear for exploring like water bottles, backpack, paper maps, walkies talkies, binoculars, raincoats, jackets, an umbrella.

If you like bikes, you’re going to need helmets, knee and elbow pads, and bike locks. Inside of the RV or around the campfire, books, card and board games, crossword puzzles, a yoga mat, chargers and power banks, or a PS4 all come in handy. For outdoor games, a frisbee and balls can also be fun. You may need more or less than this, so tweak your list to suit your needs. Toss in your toolbox, too, along with some ropes and extension cords, and you’re all set to have the time of your life.