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1. Forgetting to Bring the First Aid Kit

Forgetting something is natural for humans, but forgetting something as important as a first aid kit for your camping trip is a completely different story. That just means you’re unprepared. Aside from the fact that you want to enjoy and have fun on your vacation, you may also want to stay safe and avoid any unnecessary trips to the nearby clinic. So don’t leave the garage without packing your first aid kit.

2. Leaving Food Sitting Outside

Sure, everybody wants to have fun and relax. But that doesn’t mean that you should be careless about leaving your food scraps out in the open. Not only is this not hygienic, but it is also potentially dangerous. Food left outside your campsite attracts animals, and typically, there are more pests and bugs than cute squirrels in the wild. Dispose of your trash properly so you can have a peaceful and pest-free holiday.

3. Feeding the Local Wildlife

Feeding the local wildlife is all fun and games until someone gets bitten by a snake. It is not very advisable to interact with the wild animals around your campsite. Keep safe by staying away. Let them have their space and remember you’re in their territory.

4. Bringing the Wrong Clothes

Bringing the right clothes is a make-or-break part of your camping trip. For example, if you planned to go on a mountain hike, without extra layers for the cold, harsh weather of the wild, your itinerary is useless. Some extra sets of clothing also help in case you decide to extend your vacation.

5. Running Out of Food

With everyone sweaty and hungry from all of the activities you planned, you are bound to run out of food sometime in the middle of your trip. Avoid this mistake and plan out your every meal. Always consider how many of you will be eating and how much you will cook every day. Keep extra stacks of biscuits and some ready-to-eat goodies in your RV or van so that even if you run out of food in the middle of the night, you can make use of those until you resupply at the next grocery store.

6. Forgetting to Check the Insulation of Your Sleeping Bag

Before buying your sleeping bag, you should consider how warm or cold the weather at your campsite will be. You don’t want to be freezing in the night just because you forgot to check the insulation value of your pad. Always think ahead and choose the right insulation for the season and the conditions at your particular campsite.

7. Tying Your Shoes

This may come as the biggest surprise of this list: you could be tying your shoes wrong! Tying your shoes in bunny ears can be little less than helpful when you are on the trail. The Surgeon’s Knot, Toe-Relief Lacing, and Window Lacing are three useful shoelace tricks to keep your feet secure, comfortable, and ready for hiking.