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There are many ways to travel and see the world. Riding planes and commuting to various places on local commuting options is the most popular. However, for those of you that would love to bring the comforts of home right in your own vehicle, another international travel alternative that you can consider is RV Camping. Here is some useful information on international RV camping, tips, and advice on how to get started, and a list of some of the popular RV camping sites around the globe.

Information on International RV Camping

RV or recreational vehicles are spacious and homey means of transportation when going camping or a drive across the country. RVs are generally equipped with lodging, cooking, and restroom facilities. They also have fresh water tanks and holding tanks for long journeys. It is advisable that before going on your planned trip, you should get to know the ins and outs of your RV to prevent crisis and difficulties. When it comes to international RV camping, many rental companies provide their RV services in various countries. Just go on the internet and search for an excellent RV company located in the country of your choice. Of course, when choosing a company and an RV, it would be prudent to research on the company’s business ethics and policies, the safety of the RV, and compare values with other RV models or companies. RV swapping is also a popular alternative when it comes to international travel. Some companies enable people to exchange their homes, cars, or boats on credit for an opportunity to travel in an RV in their dream country. If you already have an RV or an RV rental, you can also choose to swap your motorhome with an RV owner in another country.  

Tips and Advice on International RV Camping

Before setting off to your international RV camping adventure, there are some tips, advice, or reminders that you can keep in mind first. The number one concern that international RV campers have to face is a lot of paperwork that would be required. Be sure to keep the following with you at all times: passport, medical and auto insurances, travel visa, credit card, driver’s license, etc. It is also a priority to keep your safety in mind. You can do this by learning to drive an RV by practice, ensuring that your vehicle is in good condition, and getting to know the routes of the country you are traveling in – there are already lots of downloadable apps for this. Other than your safety, you should also consider traveling light with only the essentials with you.

Best RV Camping Spots around the World

There are a lot of known RV camping spots in the United States such as the Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort in Massachusetts, the Zion River Resort and RV Park in Utah, the Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort in Carolina, and many more. All across the world, there are also several RV camping spots that you might consider visiting.

In Canada, you can camp near a stunning view of a lake in the Crimson Lake Provincial Park. If you want a secluded site close to nature and the mountains, try Øihusviken Camping in Norway. Near beaches and tropical rainforest grounds in Australia, there is Dunk Island View Caravan Park as well. You can search for more beautiful RV camping sites worldwide.