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Family reunions are a great chance to reconnect with family members you know and form new relationships. One of the best locations to hold one is at a campground. There is plenty of space for family members of all ages to enjoy. The outdoors also brings the chance to bond in a unique, special way at a low price. Putting this all together can take some work, however. It’s good to be prepared and plan it right. If you’ve ever wondered how to plan a family reunion at a camp, here’s everything you need to know.

Dealing with your family

To keep things organized, nominate or ask for one person from each family group to communicate with you on the planning. Ask for input on the budget, as it can be awkward to plan something, then realize it’s too pricey for people to come to the event. Once you know what people can spend and what day and month are good, you can begin to organize. To promote a feeling of togetherness, families often get special t-shirts designed. The caterers will also need to be booked well in advance if food won’t be provided by family members.

Choose the camp

Campsites are just like any other venue. To avoid disappointment, reservations are a must. The most popular choices are during the times of year when school is out. Long weekends that include holidays are also a prime time for people wanting camping spots. Forward planning is especially important if your family is a large one. Don’t leave things too late or you’ll have to reschedule.

What to bring and what to do

When you do the packing list for yourself, it would be a nice gesture to send it out to each family member. Remember that camping may be new to some of the family reunion attendees. Giving them guidelines will help ensure that your camping trip runs without hiccups. For warm weather and the summer season, insect and sun protection is essential. If it’s going to be cold, then include sleeping bags on the packing list. For younger children, warm pajamas will also help them be more comfortable.

The point of the family reunion is to have fun, so plan some activities! Games are a great way to pass the time. Some of the best ones for all ages are egg races, scavenger hunts, and charades. You can also use the trip as a chance for family members to try and learn new skills. Not everyone is used to the outdoors, so they could leave with some special experiences.

Ask around for experts on things like making fires, or even stargazing. Recruit them to teach the rest of the family their special skill. There are also wildlife skills like tracking, hunting, or spotting birds that could be interesting to family of all ages. Even something simple as how to grill the perfect burger could be a teachable moment that will live on in the memories of the families forever.