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Leaving the busy and noisy city streets to get some sun, nature, and fresh air is a popular pastime. Who doesn’t like getting away from it all? Camping is like a reset button where people can become one with nature, away from the modern fast-paced world. But even if you’re on vacation, you’ve got bear in mind these rules of camping etiquette so that those around you can also have the time of their lives.

The basics

Firstly, you and those with you should know the camp rules. This may sound like common sense, but a lot of campers do not take heed of this. Familiarize yourself with the rules before the actual camping day. Some campsites are very strict with what you can and cannot bring to the campgrounds.

Next, be friendly. A simple “good morning” with a smile to your neighbor wouldn’t hurt, right? It’s always nice to be around friendly campers, and you should be one too.

Leave no trace behind

Another basic rule is to do not leave anything behind when you pack up and leave, most especially your trash. Clean up everything and make sure that you leave the spot the same or better than you found it. Return anything that you moved when you came, like picnic tables or rocks. If you borrowed anything, return that as well. Furthermore, do not take anything from the wild, including rocks or plants, and especially animals.

Be mindful of others

When you find your space, it is best if you stay on your grounds. Do not camp too close to your neighbor. Respect each camper’s personal space. That way, they will give you yours too. Also, do not invade other occupied campsites. That includes you walking through their grounds just to get to the nearest toilet.

Whether you are partying at night or doing your morning exercise, you should always be mindful of others. Remember other people want to enjoy their vacation too. Most campsites’ quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. So, between these hours, try to stay as quiet as you can to avoid disturbing other campers.

Keep unnecessary animals and rodents away from your campsite by putting away any leftovers. Do not just leave them on your picnic table or outside your RV. Dispose of them properly. During the nighttime, some campers might be enjoying the beautiful starry night and others may be sensitive to glaring lights.

Whatever the case may be, you should always be aware of your lights. Don’t leave them on all night if you’re not going to use them. Or if you are, keep them low to avoid bothering others. Remember, you’re not alone in the campground.

Also, never bring your own firewood. Most campgrounds sell firewood to campers and more often than not, even ban any outside firewood into the campsite. This is in order to avoid spreading insects and any kind of diseases that can damage the local ecosystem.