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Camping At A Rock Festival

Camping is fun not only in nature but also at music festivals. As a result, camping became an integral part of pop culture. Large festivals that last for a few days are the perfect option to enjoy camping with friends and meet new people also. However, it is important to not forget some basic things to enjoy your time without any discomfort. A festival must-have list is a good idea, so we want to help you and provide some tips how to pack without stress.

These Are The Basics

When you are going to a festival, the most important thing is to have enough money, your tickets for the festival, and one of your personal documents such as ID card, driving license, etc. Without these essentials, your camping trip ends before it even starts. You should have enough cash and a credit card in your wallet. Any other expensive or valuable things are your personal choice but keep in mind that you can be robbed or simply lose something because of your own fault.

Your smartphone is also an important thing. Make sure it is fully charged, have an additional power bank or a USB cable in your bag. There are now charging stations in every big festival on the site, or you can charge your smartphone in your car. Another thing you cannot forget is water. Before going to the festival, be sure there is a sufficient water supply for drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth. If not, then take enough water with you for camping.


For camping, you need a tent with enough space. However, it would help if you did not forget the tent pegs for safe installation. One sleeping bag per person with head padding or one pillow is going to provide you some extra comfort and ore energy to dance in the concerts. With a pavilion tent, you can protect yourself from heat or rain depending on the weather. It is also a great idea to take picnic blankets and camping chairs to have cozy nights with your friends around the fire and having dinners. Keep in mind that you are going to spend some days in nature, so items such as a flashlight, pocketknife, hammer, and tape are particularly useful there.


Hygiene And Clothing

If you like to cook, you need a camping stove, cutlery, a saucepan, a can opener, a kitchen roll, and some plastic or paper plates. Food, snacks, and drinks depend on the number of people but do not forget that nature makes you hungry faster, so have enough of everything. This is not a place for a diet! 

Other things such as toilet paper, handkerchiefs, medication, sunscreen, mirrors, glasses, contact lenses, and earplugs, and similar things are important, but they depend on personal needs. If talking about clothes, check the forecast before and be ready for different conditions. Your clothes should protect you against the rain or wind, have something for a sunny and hot day, something for sleeping, and something additional just in case.