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Camping is both fun and adventurous. Campers get to set out campfires, grill on barbeques, and sleep under the stars. That is why hundreds and thousands of families and groups of friends enjoy spending their summer vacation out in the open. But who would have guessed that going into the wild, engaging in physical activities, and just relaxing could do wonders for your health?

A lot of campers go on trips with their families, but some people prefer to camp alone. Whatever the case, camping challenges you to think for yourself outside the comforts of your home. You learn to build a fire, set up a tent alone, and even decide the best place to set your campsite. This is all healthy for your brain as the experience feeds it with new survival skills. Camping also forces you to go out there where the sun is bright, and the air is fresh. Spending a considerable amount of time under the sun each morning means you’re soaking up Vitamin D.

Not only will this help with your bone health, it will also improve your mood and keep you giddy for the rest of the day. The fresh air also cleans your lungs of the pollution from the city. You may not be aware, but the more oxygen you take in, the better your brain can function.

Relaxation guaranteed

Spending some time with your friends and family or even with just yourself makes you calmer and more peaceful. Being away from the hustle and bustle of city life means being away from the stress of work, of traffic, or even of your nosy neighbors. Stress greatly contributes to your emotional health and eventually leads to depression and many other illnesses. Try to forget about everything for a while and just relax. Sit around the campfire, sing songs, get a tan. Even just closing your eyes for meditation can do miracles to your mental health.

When they decide to go on camping, most people don’t look forward to sitting in the RV all day and just doing nothing. You may like to go biking or rock climbing if you’re the adventurous type. You may also consider a daily walk around the campsite or even a take a dip in the inviting waters of a lake. Whatever you decided on doing, getting that much-needed exercise is a very wise idea. And it’s good for your body.

Get out there and camp!

There is so much more to camping than just fun and adventure. It is very beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health. You don’t need to do hardcore camping for you to experience the wild. Just going out in the open is more than enough. So, go on and disconnect from the digital world and get back to the basics. Forget the Wi-Fi and the smartphones for a day or two and just breathe in that fresh air. Let camping be your refresh button.