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There is so much to love and experience at the Sequoia National Park. While there are organised ways to have your dose of entertainment, including the best way to choose your adventure is by not being constrained to convenience or open spaces. Camping at the Sequoia National Park is one of the most awesome experiences you have to try at least once if you are a camper. Several campgrounds are littered throughout the park, but the Dorset campgrounds are probably one of the best and noteworthy that everyone loves.

If you are a large group of people, then this is the perfect place to lay camp for a camping adventure or even just a quick one night. If you are camping with RVs or trailers, these campground poses are one of the best experiences you can have. Very few campgrounds can handle a large group, and this is one of them. There are extensive camp sections to choose from for the groups, and they are spread all across. The Dorset Creek is what you get in the background and entwined within the camp, and that’s just camper’s paradise. If you are more of a glamper, then the paved roads that you will find throughout the grounds will make everything easily accessible for you.

More Than Just Camping

For those who wish to go for a few days to the Dorset Greek Camp, there are so much of adventure possibilities to enjoy. You can always bring your own kayaks and explore the impressive waterways of the creek. However, remember that you can’t bring along any motorised boats to the creek. This is a peaceful place and a perfect spot for some fly fishing. There is more than just the creek that you can expect to fish at. The King’s Canyon and a massive amount of lakes and other creeks are a welcoming adventure for those who are interested in fishing.

Not interested in water based activities? Then you can always experience some ground activities such a horse riding or hiking through trails. Remember to bring along your hiking boots because this is one of those places that you are going to love for the hiking spots and not just small-time trail walking. If you can head to King’s Canyon, you can experience some horse riding as well.

If you love ATVs and other OHVs, then you can have heaps of fun here at the park. There are loads of places where you can hop on your rides to explore the entire park if you wish. Climbers come prepared because there is an 1800-foot granite wall that you can scale and get some of that high-altitude adventure if you want to. Apart from the expert level walking and climbing adventures, there are over 12 trails that promote general trail walking. There are even snow sports that the available during the winter months with snow covering the entire park making it the perfect paradise for some awesome fun away from the usual winter wonderlands.