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Camping’s appeal can be all about getting out in nature and having a simple relaxed time away from it all. For some people though, that isn’t enough. There’s a new wave in the camping market that includes campers of all ages and all lifestyles. Want to find out what that is? Here are the latest camping trends that you need to know.

Roof Top Tents

A big revolution for campers has been roof top tents. Maybe you’ve already heard of these, but if you haven’t, they are set to become the next big thing. It’s not surprising, since they are convenient and can be deployed easily. Here’s how they work. Roof top tents are attached to a rack of a vehicle. To open them, the camper unfolds the tent and lowers down a ladder they then use to get inside the tent. They are perfect if you don’t want to be bothered by bugs or other, larger, animals. They are also good for people who want to get on with their trip and don’t want to spend hours setting up their tent.

New Types of Camping Programs

The question on every company’s mind is how can we find out what millennials want? Yet there is an even more lucrative market that has been trending, that of the older camper. To accommodate them, there are a variety of new camping programs. This means camping is just part of the experience, and there are added-value activities like nature treks and entertaining activities to make things more fun.

Additionally, there are camps that specifically target the senior market. This way, older campers can be around people of a similar age, and experience new things in a comfortable environment. Another trend that will be attractive to anyone’s inner child is mamping. So just what is mamping? Museum camping, an extension of the concept in the movie Night at the Museum, is a way to immerse yourself in the exhibits while learning as you have a good time.

Camping Mobile Apps

In the technology-savvy world we live in, it’s expected that there would be some changes to camping. People are using camping apps to find information, connect with other campers, and more. In addition to packing tents and the supplies for food or hiking, now campers aren’t leaving home without the mobile applications targeted at the camping market. There’s the app. It makes it easy to reserve a camp spot and has much-needed driving directions as well. This can be a lifesaver for the last-minute adventurer.

The Parkfinder app does something similar. Its main purpose, as the name indicates, is finding parks and campsites. Another app, Camp and Tent, helps campers by not only listing parks but also showing reviews so you get the inside scoop before deciding which one to choose. For the nature lover, there are apps like Backcountry Navigator. Topography maps make sure that you never get lost on your adventures.